The $AVIVE token is the native token of the Avive layer 2, playing a pivotal role as the engine powering our open geosocial protocol. It serves as a versatile reward mechanism for active contributors engaged in key activities, ranging from trading virtual items to on-chain transactions, referral activities, liquidity provision, and application development.

This token isn't just a symbol; it's an economic alignment of incentives across diverse roles within our ecosystem, as well as a group identity holder. Whether you're a content creator, a team leader, or an enthusiastic user, $AVIVE ensures that as the protocol's activity flourishes, so do the benefits for all participants. It's not just a currency; it's the cultural backbone fostering a thriving and interconnected autonomous world.

As Avive World continues to reveal additional infrastructure elements for our citizens, we'll be sharing in-depth information about the token utility. This post specifically delves into the overarching design, offering insight into how we envision the distribution of the $AVIVE token and its role in driving future growth. Stay tuned for more exciting details as we build an ecosystem that truly empowers our community.

1. Avive Token Address

  • Arbitrum One: 0x5117f4Ad0bc70Dbb3B05bF39A1EC1Ee40DD67654

2. Total Supply

The total supply of Avive Tokens is set at 10 billion. Considering the projected global population milestones β€” 8 billion by November 15, 2022, 9.7 billion in 2030, and a forecasted 10.4 billion by 2100 β€” we strategically designed the total supply of Avive to be 10 billion. This thoughtful approach aligns with our commitment to creating a token ecosystem that accommodates the evolving needs of a growing global community, the ultimate vision is everyone in the world will be holding his or her own $AVIVE. By envisioning the future, we aim to ensure that $AVIVE remains a valuable and accessible asset for generations to come.

3. Token Distribution Overview

The distribution of Avive Tokens is strategically designed to prioritize community engagement and sustainable growth. The allocation is segmented as follows:

  • Community : 72%

This significant allocation underscores our unwavering commitment to fostering active participation and the empowerment of every Avive citizen for years to come. Avive World is more than just a crypto project; it's a bottom-up social movement where no elite can rent-seek. Accordingly, we believe the majority of tokens should rightfully belong to the citizens who contribute to its growth. The 72% allocation is a testament to our dedication to ensuring that the community plays a central role in shaping the future of Avive.

  1. Community UBI: 30% Aimed at incentivizing wide-scale community participation and adoption via daily engagement

  2. Avive Token Staking Reward: 10% To reward members who stake their tokens, enhancing network security and user involvement.

  3. Community Leaders and Ambassadors: 10% Recognizing and incentivizing key community contributors who drive growth and engagement.

  4. Avive Validators: 11% Allocated to network validators who play a crucial role in maintaining network integrity.

  5. Community Development: 11% Dedicated to various Avive citizen initiatives and community events

  • Partnership Development : 10%

This part is dedicated to the strategic development and cultivation of impactful partnerships aimed at extending Avive's influence and capabilities. We recognize the immense value that collaborative efforts can bring to our ecosystem, and this 10% allocation is strategically earmarked to forge alliances with key players in various industries ranging from wallet providers, tech infrastructures, consumer brands, web2 applications and games, market market, liquidity partners and all sorts of distribution channels. By fostering robust partnerships, we aim to unlock new avenues for innovation, enhance the platform's functionality, and create a mutually beneficial network where Avive can thrive through meaningful collaborations. The focus is not just on quantity but on the quality and depth of partnerships that can propel Avive World to new heights of success.

  • Avive Builder : 8%

This is dedicated to ensuring the sustainable development of Avive World by earmarking funds for essential core development expenditures. The primary focus is on supporting ongoing development efforts, guaranteeing the continuous improvement and innovation of the Avive ecosystem. A portion of this allocation will be reserved for future grants aimed at encouraging and supporting extended and independent developers who contribute to building on the Avive World platform.

The funds allocated to Avive Builder will be utilized for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to conducting audits for security and reliability, covering infrastructure costs for maintaining a robust network, and establishing bug bounty programs to fortify the platform against potential vulnerabilities. By dedicating 8% to Avive Builder, we are proactively investing in the foundation of Avive World, fostering an environment of sustainability, growth, and ongoing enhancement. This ensures that Avive remains at the forefront of innovation and maintains its commitment to providing a secure and dynamic space for developers and users alike.

  • Ecosystem Alignment: 10%

This part is specifically designated to fortify and uplift the broader crypto ecosystem. The objective is to leverage this fund to collaborate with other decentralized applications (dApps), Defi protocols, appchains, and middleware entities such as cross-chain bridges and oracle providers. By actively participating in joint efforts within the crypto realm, we aim to establish interconnected relationships that enhance the interoperability of Avive with diverse crypto projects.

Through these partnerships, we envision creating a more interconnected and interoperable onchain relationship with other protocols. thereby amplifying the overall impact and utility of the Avive World

Token utility include but not limited to:

1. Proof of Networking Incentives

The allocation of $Avive tokens is closely linked to users' social activities, such as content sharing and community engagement, tracked by a sophisticated verification system. This ensures authenticity and encourages active participation. Additionally, the system includes mining rewards, further incentivizing and rewarding contributions within the Avive ecosystem.

2. Geospatial Verification Rewards

The distribution of $Avive tokens not only recognizes social contributions but also places emphasis on geospatial contributions, thereby validating and rewarding actions based on users' locations. In this system, validators hold the crucial responsibility of verifying humanhood. This process involves leveraging users’ social connections to ascertain their authenticity as real individuals.

To become a validator, nodes are required to engage in staking and undergo an application process. Once appointed, validators are instrumental in maintaining the ecosystem's integrity. Their reward, in the form of $Avive tokens, is contingent upon their contribution, specifically measured by the number of users they successfully validate. This structure ensures a coherent and secure validation process, crucial for the robust functioning of the Avive ecosystem.

3. Ecosystem and Gas Fees

Avive Chain, a Layer 2 blockchain, boasts a significant user base and a strong ecosystem. It enables all consumer transactions to use $Avive for gas fees, and all dApps operating on the Avive Chain can also utilize $Avive as a gas token, effectively reducing operational costs for dApps on the Layer 2 platform. The integration of AnyTrust technology additionally decreases Data Availability (DA) costs, offering greater cost efficiency compared to traditional rollup methods. This advantage is prevalent throughout the entire Avive ecosystem, benefitting all associated dApps and enhancing their overall functionality and affordability.

4. Governance

$Avive token holders have governance rights, enabling them to vote on project development and policy decisions, thus aligning the ecosystem with the community's interests.

5. Staking

Staking $Avive allows token holders to contribute to network security. Token locking provides network stability and trust, vital for maintaining ecosystem robustness and integrity.

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