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Proof Of Networking Consensus

In the world of Avive, PON (Proof of Networking) is an innovative consensus algorithm that endows citizens' social relationships with valuable on-chain wealth. Every citizen has the ability to expand, maintain, and activate their social network, possessing diverse social identities. These social relationships are not just about interpersonal interactions; they form the foundation of the entire Avive ecosystem, providing support for various blockchain applications and decentralized financial services.
The Avive PON is built upon a Spatial Fusion Rank(SFR) algorithm. It takes into account the interconnected relationships between individuals and individuals, as well as individuals and assets, to determine the social computing power of individuals and the profit distribution mechanism of assets. By adopting the SFR algorithm, PON establishes a solid theoretical framework that underpins the functioning of the Avive ecosystem. This framework enables the seamless integration of social interactions, asset management, and computational power, creating a dynamic and balanced environment where individuals and assets can thrive and contribute to the overall success of Avive.
Citizens' earnings are influenced by multiple factors, including the value of their assets, population density in their region, and the value of assets in that region. When citizens have extensive social relationships, abundant assets, high population density, and valuable regional assets, their earnings will correspondingly increase. PON serves as a fair, just, and censorship-resistant measure, structuring the off-chain social relationship data on the blockchain and utilizing smart contracts to manage and measure citizens' social relationships and asset gains.