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In Avive, the computing power of citizens is derived from a combination of factors. It is determined by their individual capabilities, the social buffs they receive from their connections within the community, and the asset buffs generated by their surrounding environment.

This comprehensive approach to computing power ensures that citizens can maximize their productivity and contribution within the Avive ecosystem. Furthermore, citizens have the opportunity to collaborate with friends and attract investments to introduce high-quality assets, thereby further enhancing their computing power. By fostering collaboration, leveraging social networks, and attracting valuable assets, citizens in Avive can significantly augment their overall computing power and play an active role in shaping the growth and success of the ecosystem.

The design and optimization of the equation are driven by continuous practice and feedback to ensure the best effectiveness and fair outcomes. It provides a fair reference point and evaluation criteria for Avive world participants, ensuring more equitable and rational resource allocation. The inclusion of geographical factors, such as population density and regional asset value, provides noticeable boosts to participants' revenue, fostering broader social interactions and collaborations.

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