Middlewares for Mass Adoption

Avive World's adoption of Rollup technology not only enables remarkable scalability but also significantly reduces gas fees associated with on-chain operations. This pivotal feature enhances accessibility for developers and users alike, fostering broader engagement with Avive World's dApps. The optimized infrastructure empowers developers to unleash their creativity and build resource-intensive applications that offer immersive experiences without compromising performance or imposing burdensome financial constraints. With Rollup as a service, Avive World spearheads a new era of efficient and scalable dApp deployment, establishing itself as the frontrunner among decentralized application platforms.

Moreover, Avive World's social infrastructure rests upon a diverse range of middleware and cutting-edge technologies, each playing a vital role in fostering a robust and secure ecosystem. Decentralized ID (DID), Multiparty Computation (MPC) wallets, Proof of Digital Footprint (PODF), and more are seamlessly integrated to provide users with a comprehensive suite of features and functionalities.

DID technology revolutionizes the blockchain landscape by empowering users to create, control, and verify their digital identities and credentials without relying on centralized authorities or intermediaries. Avive World exemplifies this groundbreaking concept through its Sovereign identity framework, where PODFs serve as integral components of users' identities. Citizens curate their sovereign digital footprints through social activities and asset management, thus reinforcing the principles of self-sovereignty and individual autonomy.

By incorporating MPC wallets, Avive World has simplified the onboarding process for citizens. They can now seamlessly log in to their Avive World accounts using existing social media credentials, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google Accounts, eliminating the need to import or back up mnemonic phrases. MPC technology not only eliminates the management of mnemonic phrases but also enhances wallet security, making it a crucial element for fostering widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

In the Avive World ecosystem, citizens naturally possess their own blockchain wallets, enabling them to engage in a myriad of financial activities. They can mint their own distinguished NFTs, create and manage Avive Anchors, and earn income through various avenues.

Additionally, Avive World incorporates another groundbreaking blockchain concept known as Account Abstraction. Inspired by the EIP-4337 protocol proposed by Vitalik Buterin, Avive World's paymaster functionality empowers the platform to cover transaction fees for eligible transactions initiated by externally-owned accounts (EOAs).

Through the integration of advanced features above, Avive World effectively dismantles barriers to citizen participation in the blockchain landscape. Users can confidently explore the platform's array of features, focusing on their experience and active involvement in the development of blockchain applications. Avive World redefines the trajectory of blockchain technology by fostering mass adoption, propelling the industry towards a brighter digital future rooted in inclusivity, security, and unparalleled user experiences.

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